Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

Ellis Toussier etoussier at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jul 5 11:16:24 EST 1998

I am a 52 year old male, thin, in good health, and interested 
in rejuvenation (if possible) and life extension in good health
(which seems entirely possible.)  From what I have read on the 
Internet in various places, I decided to start taking growth 
hormone at the rate of about 6 i.u. per week, which seems to be
a conservative amount to begin with, and which I might change 
after monitoring blood samples, etc.  

I have also read many articles referring to DHEA and melatonin,
so I am interested in taking these also.  I have read that
melatonin is very good to avoid free-radical damage in the brain, 
and of course I am interested in living longer with a functioning
brain.  And I have read that DHEA is also quite wonderful, etc.  

But... I have tremendous fear that taking synthetic or supplemental 
hormones might unbalance my natural hormone production.  If anybody can 
comment on this, I would be interested in reading your comments.  

Secondly, I have not seen many posts at all on this board, which 
is one of the best anywhere, referring to EDTA chelation therapy.  EDTA 
chelation therapy is a process which is done to remove lead and other 
bad metals from the blood and the brain.  It is supposed to be the 
standard and best treatment for this.  There are a lot of claims that it 
also helps heart patients by cleaning up their circulatory system, but I 
don't want to list the pros and cons of that because it is not to the 
point.  I believe it would also help heart patients, but I am not a 
heart patient.  My question is: why hasn't somebody tried this for the 
only purpose of cleaning up their blood and brain of lead, even if it is 
not for a case of "lead poisoning"... I am certain that even a little 
bit of lead and mercury in my blood and brain is not good, so why do I 
have to wait to be diagnosed with an extreme case of lead or mercury 
poisoning?  And I'm positive that in 52 years of living in 
contamination, I must have a lot of lead and perhaps mercury and 
cadmium, maybe even DDT, etc. and other junk in my body.

So what are your comments if I want to have EDTA chelation therapy 
just for the purpose of extending my life and my brain?  Am I crazy, or 
am I right?  

You can find many articles referring to EDTA chelation therapy by making 
a search on any search engine for "edta, chelation, chelation therapy" 

I am also very interested in protecting my brain from getting to the 
state in which my father was, when he died at age 93.  He did not have 
Alzheimer's, but he didn't have any memory either... I have read that 
the brain starts to lose the amount of dopamine it makes after age 40  
(everything seems to happen after age 40...)  After your brain has lost 
80% of its dopamine production, you are a certified victim of 
Parkinson's desease.  Then they start to give you a medicine called 
Deprenyl, which avoids or slows down further loss of whatever it is that 
produces the dopamine.  So why should I wait?  If everybody loses their 
ability to produce dopamine in their brain, am I crazy to want to take 
Deprenyl BEFORE I lose 60% of it, even if I am not diagnosed as having 
Parkinson's, now or ever?  I don't even know what dopamine is necessary 
for, and I'm not sure anybody knows exactly what it does, but if you 
ain't got it, you ain't got it, and you wish you did!

Thanks to all...

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