Proliferative Theory of Rejuvenation

David Cassarino dsc9w at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Sun Jan 26 20:36:14 EST 1997

The limitations to only focusing on the loss of telomerase in
anti-aging therapy have been well-documented, and make it
highly unlikely that activating this enzyme alone will have
much benefit.

An extremely powerful argument against upregulating telomerase
activity at all is the fact that this is a characteristic found
consistently in cancer cells, which need high telomerase
activity to continuosly replicate their DNA.  By stimulating
abnormal telomerase activity in all our cells, we run the risk
of transforming some of them (many cells in our body accumulate
mutations during the normal aging process, and some become
immortalized, but are eliminated before forming tumors;
adding telomerase to these cells would
allow them to replicate quicker and increase the changes of
metastasis before the IS detects them) and giving ourselves
cancer--and premature death, not immortality.
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