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Sun Jan 26 21:10:00 EST 1997

Hello all,

Several requests came in for the Life extension Program that I am using,
so I'll post it here for anyone who is interested...

My program (remember, I worked this out for me:  161 lb, 6' 0", age 33
years, excellent health, excellent exercise including hiking/walking min.
3 mi/day, karate training 3x/week, etc.

"your results may vary" as they say...)

9 tablets (3am, 3noon, 3pm) "Life Extension Mix", available from Life
extension foundation (800) 544-4440

1 capsule (am) "Life Extension Booster", also from LEF.

2 capsule (am, pm) CoQ10, with above, 50mg/capsule

500mg 2x/day interspaced between above, Inositol

500mg 2x/day, with Inositol, Choline Bitartrate

500mg 2x/day, with above, Acetyl-L-carnitine

100mg 2x/day, with above, phosphatidylserine

100mg 2x/day, with above, DMAE

120mg, 2x/day, with above, Ginkgo Biloba extract

As soon as the shipment arrives, Iwill also be adding:

Hydergine, 5mg, 2x/day

Piracetam, 800mg, 2x/day (am, pm)

and last, but not least, 

3mg, 1x/day @ bedtime, Melatonin.

This is the Xanatos Life Extension Personal Program (XLEPP).  I and my
wife both follow this routine.

Note that DHEA is conspicuously absent from the mix- my verdict is still
out on the benefit/risk analysis of that touted "fountain of youth drug",
at least for men with prostate glands!  :)

Again, this is the program I developed for myself in conjunction with the
research division of my corporation.  This information is in no way
intended to reflect any hint of suggestion.  Each supplement must be
evaluated individually by you for your own particular situations.  Your
doctor may not be familiar with these suplements- a search on the web and
a call to LEF (800) 544-4440 will get you a massive amount of information
on these and a host of other items which may be of even greater value to

I hope I have been of assistance to you.

Be well!

David Xanatos
DJX1 at aol.com

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