Proliferative Theory of Rejuvenation

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Sat Jan 25 20:44:18 EST 1997

Hello Jurgen,

Thank you for your considered post.  You have obviously given this subject
(reactivation of telomerase) at least as much thought as have I.

I can't offer you anything new at this point in time, but I will be happy
to send you some of the information I have gotten from various Web
searches on Telomere related topics, and some useful addresses.

As far as I can tell, reactivating Telomerase would only act to cease the
decrease of telomere length, which would in turn cease cell loss and
associated tissue weakening by atrition.  This would, perhaps
significantly, delay the onset of various opportunistic age-related

In addition, a diet that is not supportive of the organism would still
lead to eventual catastrophic system failure and death.  The average
american diet would kill an immortal in a century!

The best Telomerease can hope to do is give us a significant boost, and if
augmented by proper diet, exercise, and attitude, perhaps enough of a
boost so that when the next breakthrough comes down the road, we'll still
be "young" enough and healthy & strong enough, to be able to take
advantage of that.

If you are seriously researching Telomere and other life-extending
information, I would be interested in sharing notes.  I am a member of The
Life Extension Foundation, which I have found to be of great value,
despite their somewhat "commercial" feel at times; and I am actively on a
life-extension program of my own design, which has resulted in a great
deal more physical vitality and mental clarity and alertness.  I'm only
33, but I feel better now than I did in my 20's.  I'll be happy to share
the details of the program if you're interested.  I will send you the
other Telomere information I have found (printed most of it to save H.D.
space) if you want it as well.

Be well!

David Xanatos
DJX1 at aol.com

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