Call for collaborative project on longevity and aging studies.

Gavrilov at aol.com Gavrilov at aol.com
Tue Aug 26 21:27:06 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

   It might be possible to get funding (250 000 ECU) from the European Union
for joint international research project (on the topic of our recent
publication in Science - 1997, vol.277, pp.17-18, July 4 issue, "When
fatherhood should stop?"),  in the case the scientists from the Central and
Western Europe join our international research team. 

   The idea of the project is to collect and to study the human longevity
genealogical data for the purpose of developing "advanced diagnostics and
prognostic in epidemiology" and in particular to study "genetically inherited
diseases, risk factors, genetic background of population". 

   Please contact us by E-mail if you are interested and are eligible
(scientists from Central an Western European countries wanted). 

   Also, if you have E-mail addresses of scientists from the Central and
Western European countries who might be potentially interested in this
project, this information would be greatly appreciated. 

   Thank you in advance.

   Drs. Leonid and Natalia Gavrilov

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