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Wed Aug 6 20:55:16 EST 1997

joe wrote:
> Dear Readers:
> I would like to talk to you about something that has been bothering
> me. During Christmas, I went on vacation to Disney World in
> Florida. I went on some rides. I went on the Riverboat Ride in the
> Magic Kingdom. While I was on this ride, I saw a girl standing on
> the front of the boat on the main deck. I could not decide whether or
> not to ask her out. After 20 minutes, I decided not to. I now
> severely regret it.
> It appeared that the girl was with her parents. Assuming that it was
> her parents, the mother was in a blue wheelchair scooter. the
> parents were also on the front of the boat. I would like to try and
> locate this girl. I have the following information on her:
>      She is about 24 years of age
>      Caucasian, wore sunglasses
>      about 5'5 or 5'6
>      hair was mostly black
>      she was slim, about 120 pounds or so
>      she was on the Riverboat Ride in the Magic Kingdom on December
> 26, 1996 at about 11am give or take a 1/2 hour
>      She was on the front of the boat on the main deck
>      She was with a handicapped woman in a wheelchair scooter,
> probably her mother
>      She was wearing shorts but they could not be seen because she was
> also wearing a black garment around her waist that
>      covered the shorts
>      she wore thongs on her feet
>      she might have 2 rings on her right hand, I cannot remember
> I had a golden opportunity to meet this girl but I let it slip away
> like an idiot. This girl could be anywhere in the country. I have a
> feeling that she lives in Florida or somewhere in the Southeast. I
> don't know how this girl would have responded. It is not knowing
> the real truth that is bothering me.
> If you have friends, family or relatives that were in Disney World in
> Florida on December 26, 1996 with a handicapped woman in a
> wheelchair scooter, please check with them on this.
> Television stations, Radio stations and news organizations should feel
> free to broadcast and publish this letter. I want to get this out
> across the country.
> I am upset at myself for not speaking to this woman when I had the
> chance. please tell your friends about this. Feel free to copy
> and distribute.
> If you think you have a lead or you know of someone who can help,
> please contact me.
> Thanks for dropping by.
> Send any info to:
> Joseph
> P.O. Box 522
> Keyport, NJ 07735
> Send me some e-mail Joe
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