Need advice on anti-ageing diet.

Rodney Reid rreid at earth.execpc.com
Fri Apr 25 01:43:13 EST 1997

: Let's not forget the updated version  called CRANK.  It's fairly complex,
: but I'll summarize and simplify it for the lay public:

: 1. Take one Fiesta, Sprint, Mini, or other teeny-tiny auto, modify it to
: attain light speed. 


: 3. Fly it to the nearest  Black Hole, remain on the outer edge only,
: since  entry will cause drastic reduction in body fat volume, which may be
: unhealthy.

: 4. Eat as much as you want of whatever you want, for as long as you want.

: 5. Return to Earth (leave the car hidden, it will be embarrassingly outdated).

: You will appear to be younger than your chronological age, and will have
: lost a seemingly infinite amount of weight compared to your in-flight
: mass, regardless of your diet!

: I guarantee that if you follow this diet, the results will astound you!

: :-Peter  

	No no no! That's the Crank (methamphetamine) diet:  Lose all
the weight, and never miss any of your favorite game shows, infomercials,
sleep, etc.   Of course you won't look quite so young :)


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