Need advice on anti-ageing diet.

Rodney Reid rreid at earth.execpc.com
Sun Apr 20 21:55:04 EST 1997

Alex Hunter (none at ic.ac.uk) wrote:
: Hi, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how I can switch to
: a restricted calorie diet of the type which has been found to reduce
: ageing and increase longevity in animal experiments for many years?
: I understand it involves reducing body weight to at least 10% below
: the normal minimum weight, and restricting your calorie intake in some
: way while replacing some essential nutrients with supplements. I do
: not know the details of which supplements to take and by how much the
: calorie intake must be reduced and how to monitor this accurately?
:   Since I have repeatedly tried fairly low calorie diets from the age
: of around 20 (I am now 30), whilst remaining slightly over the average
: weight for my height for all this time: could this have already had
: any effect in delaying ageing?

	Its called the CRAN (Calorie Restricted Adequate(?) Nutrients)
diet.   "The 120-year diet" by Roy Walford (isbn 0-671-46677-1) has sample
CRAN recipes.    According to the old sci.l-e FAQ, slowly reducing your
calorie intake over 4-6 years is the best way to do CRAN;  so your low
calorie diet experimentation may pay off by speeding up (for you) the time
it takes for you to get there.	   If CRAN is done too rapidly, it reduces
lifespan in animals.

	As far as the details on additional nutrients needed on a CRAN
diet...hmmmm...  Hasn't supplementation been a scientific holy war of
sorts since the idea began?     


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