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Charles Carter ccarter2 at mustang.uwo.ca
Fri Apr 11 09:47:01 EST 1997

"Jan Coetzee" <coetzee_jv at peachnet.campus.mci.net> wrote:

>Could you give more information faulty recQ helicase?

   When they sequenced the Werner syndrome gene they found it had a high 
degree of homology to recQ helicases, such as E. coli recQ, c.elegans 
F18C5C and yeast Sgs1.  A mutated helicase could lower the expression of 
gene products that various tissues would need high concentrations at 
certain times.  This would eventually cause all of the Werner symptoms 
including graying hair, osteoporosis, artherosclerosis, cataracts, 
diabetes, sarcomas etc.

Suggested reading: Epstein, C.J. et al (1996) Werner Syndrome: entering 
the helicase era. Bioessays, Vol 18 no 12: 1025-1027.


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