Hair loss, DHT, green tea and shampoo

Kevin Paul Grant grant at bit.csc.lsu.edu
Wed Apr 9 06:00:30 EST 1997

This may be a crazy idea, but...
One of the major factors (perhaps THE major factor) in male
hair loss due to aging is increased quantities of DHT that
hang around doing damage to hair producing cells (or perhaps
it's increased susceptibility to DHT related damage).  In
any event, there are herbs that decrease the body's rate of
conversion of T to DHT (saw palmetto, green tea).  My
understanding is that while some of the conversion takes place
internally a significant amount of it takes place in skin cells,
including the skin on those parts of your body where all that
hair falls out.  Now here's the question: Is it possible that
topical application of green tea would decrease the rate of
conversion of T to DHT by the skin cells so treated?  If so by
how much and for how long before another application is required?
Could the rate of hair loss be significantly reduced by using
"green tea" shampoo?  Heck, with all the "bath oils" and other,
smelly, bath-related stuff on the market why not just throw a
few green tea-bags in the tub and soak for a while?  How much
hair loss is due to internally produced DHT versus DHT produced
by skin cells?

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