Immortality research

Chris Patil cpatil at itsa.ucsf.edu
Sun Jun 30 16:36:22 EST 1996

In article <4r5llv$aca at aladdin.rotterdam.luna.net> peck at luna.nl (Mischa Coster) writes:
>I have a question. Has anyone ever heard about telosomes? I read an
>newspaper-article about half a year ago about some guy doin a lot of
>research and so far he has succeeded in prolonging the life of monkees
>by some 20%. I'd like to have some more info about this research, as I
>can't find anything on it on the WWW.

That's probably because they're called "telomeres."

No telomere research has extended the life of a higher organism by any
amount, certainly not 20%.

A better place to look than Web searches would be literature databases
like Medline.

Hope this helps.

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