Samuel Cronin samuelc at max.roehampton.ac.uk
Tue Jun 25 08:48:26 EST 1996

Dr Troisi,

Such a database of institutes involved in research into ageing would be very
valuable - in the least it would offer students of gerontology such as
myself a great resource when looking for opportunities abroad. I have been
slowly building such a dbase over the last half year but its far from
complete, however, when its finished I intend to puplish it on the WWW. I
would be interested in knowing if you have any intentions to make the list
available to the public. 

If you havn't started yet a way to dive into the deep end would be to
perform a web search for AGEING and RESEARCH which will give you hundereds
of institution performing research in gerontology. Particularly relevant
would be...

Ageing Research Centre (ARC) 

WSU Institute of Gerontology

USC (Caleb Finch)

Also good link sites...

Internet Resources on Aging

Human Ageing WWW Resources

Life Extension Foundation

Two important sites in the UK (although I dont think they have WWW pages
yet) are the gerontology MSc in Kings College London, and in particular the
Biological Gerontology department in Manchester University headed by Prof.
Tom Kirkwood. The latter will soon be expanding into Newcastle University at
which point it will have the largest facilities for research into ageing in

Again, please let me know if you intend to make this freely available as I
would be particularly interested in seeing it.



On 13 Jun 1996 mtroisi at MALTANET.OMNES.NET wrote:

> In 1989 the University of Malta started an Institute of Gerontology and 
> Geriatrics. The Institute runs a one year full time Postgraduate Diploma 
> Course in Gerontology and Geriatrics. We also run a Master's degree based 
> on research in thye field of ageing.
> Looking forward to know wich universities in the USA and the UK offer 
> any courses in  the fields of gerontology and geriatrics, at what level, 
> and what duration. We are trying to set a data base of all these centres.
> Any kind  of information will be more than welcome.
> I wish to thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation.
> Regards
> Dr.Joseph Troisi

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