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Sun Jun 23 15:24:10 EST 1996

        Dear Amyloid/Ageing subscribers:
        I began to study Alzheimer's amyloid beta (Ab) protein in 1992, at
the time when it was becoming clear that this protein exists normally in a
soluble form (soluble Ab) and that it is not just a pathological protein. My
research activities yielded an on-going project, devoted to understanding in
more detail the normal biology of amyloid beta. Understanding the normal
biology of Ab would answer the questions of why soluble Ab does not undergo
fibrillogenesis in biological fluids but does polymerize into amyloid
fibrils in the disease, and what the biological consequences of Ab
deposition within the brain tissue are. This, in turn, would be crucial for
understanding the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease and for delineating
pathologically grounded new approaches to therapy. 
        My current postdoctoral position at NYU Medical Center  just
expired. Thus, to continue my research I have to find another position. I
would be happy to continue my research as a part of your Department/
University/ Center, if you might wish to consider such a possibility.

Sincerely Yours,

Alexei R. Koudinov, M.D., Ph.D.

P.S. My CV is available in David Small (special thanks to him for this
possibility) WEB site  under JOB CORNER. 

Alexei Koudinov PUBLICATIONS:

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with high density lipoproteins in normal human cerebrospinal fluid and is
secreted by HepG2 cells as a part of lipoprotein complexes. Society for
Neuroscience Annual Meeting. Washington, DC, 1996. Submitted. (SEE ABSTRACT


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