New Lab-Animal Res. Equip. Catalog

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Thu Jun 6 22:12:40 EST 1996

We at Columbus Instruments just published new 60-page Lab-Animal 
Research Equipment Catalog. You will be able to find description 
of over 60 scintific instruments for toxicology, pharmacology, 
brain scinces, environmental scinces, physiology etc. 
Cardiac Output Computers for mice and rats based on 
thermodilution, animal activity meters based of TV camera and IR 
beams, mazes, end tidal CO/N2O computers for rats and mice, 
VO2/VCO2 metabolic computers ( indirect calorimeters) for rats, 
dogs and horses, precission gas analyzers, bacteria respirometers 
and many more equipment is described on the new catalog pages. 
If you are intersted to receive a free copy and price list, 
please e-mail your STREET ADDRESS to: 
Jan Czekajewski
75144.2413 at compuserve.com

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