New Lab-Animal Res. Equip. Catalog

Jeff CAMPS melan at cict.fr
Fri Jun 7 07:42:04 EST 1996

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>We at Columbus Instruments just published new 60-page Lab-Animal 
>Research Equipment Catalog. You will be able to find description 
>of over 60 scintific instruments for toxicology, pharmacology, 
>brain scinces, environmental scinces, physiology etc. 
>Cardiac Output Computers for mice and rats based on 
>thermodilution, animal activity meters based of TV camera and IR 
>beams, mazes, end tidal CO/N2O computers for rats and mice, 
>VO2/VCO2 metabolic computers ( indirect calorimeters) for rats, 
>dogs and horses, precission gas analyzers, bacteria respirometers 
>and many more equipment is described on the new catalog pages. 
>If you are intersted to receive a free copy and price list, 
>please e-mail your STREET ADDRESS to: 
>Jan Czekajewski
>75144.2413 at compuserve.com

Please, could you send me one copy to
Jean-François CAMPS
laboratory of neurobiology and animal behavior
U.F.R. S.V.T. , bat 4R3
118 route de Narbonne, F-31062 TOULOUSE CEDEX

best regards

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