Bupropion, Smoking, Melatonin and DHEA

James Howard phis at sprynet.com
Mon Dec 16 10:45:59 EST 1996

"Daniel G. Sanchez" <supernet at greenheart.com> wrote:
>It is my understanding that you should take the Melatonin just before
>bedtime when it is dark and not during the day.  What would be the
>consequences of taking Melatonin during the day?  Melatonin is a hormone
>but Nicotine is not.   Melatonin may have a similar effect as nicotine
>but to use it during the day could throw the interplay of the body's
>hormones off balance.  What doctor would recommend to a smoker to take
>Melatonin during the day to break the habit?  I can see taking DHEA
>during the morning and day because that's when the body produces it.  
>Although compelling, would you seriously recommend to a broad base of
>people to take Melatonin during the day?  I see that you have already
>started to take it during the day along with your DHEA.  What dosage are
>you taking?  Your increase in awareness and activity may only be due to
>the DHEA.  Keep us posted on your results, although I am in no way
>encouraging you to continue to do this.

James Howard responds:

Daniel, thank you for your response.  You should know that the
melatonin - DHEA cycle continues throughout the day and night.  It so
happens that evolution saw to it that one dominates during the day,
the other at night.  When one exercises, both are stimulated.  I
suggest the 24 hour cycle and the co-secretion during exercise, etc.
result from the need for the cycle to occur.  I have long thought
this, but have not addressed it per se.  It is difficult enough
presenting my theory without including all aspects.  When I wrote the
post, to which you responded, it became clear to me that nicotine and
bupropion must be exerting their effects by stimulating melatonin,
which, ultimately, stimulates DHEA.  That is why I decided to try them
together.  I anticipated two possible results, that is, I expected to
become drowsy or I expected effects similar to smoking.  The result I
got was similar to what smoking my pipe used to do for me; heightened
awareness and energy.  I took the same amount of DHEA I normally
consumed around the same time of day.   The combination of DHEA and
melatonin was better than DHEA alone.

You should have deduced from my post that I think people take
nicotine, caffeine, etc. to boost the melatonin (MLT) - DHEA cycle.
If any natural or synthetic products stimulate the body/brain, I
suspect they are activating the MLT-DHEA cycle in some way.  I think
it is demonstrable that bupropion is doing that.  I am certain I would
rather take a small amount of MLT and DHEA, rather than nicotine or

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