Melatonin-dose for anti-aging

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Thu Nov 30 08:47:31 EST 1995

> Gisela Hoschek (hoschek at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU) wrote:
> : To keep the discussion going I would like to add my experience. I only took
> : melatonin twice, seeking help to fall asleep. I used a formulation of 2.5
> : mg melatonin with 500 microgram Vitamin B-6 per tablet, sublingual. My
> : experience was not pleasant.
B-6 causes you to dream alot and remember them.  This could have been your
problem.  Also sleep is likely to be a cleaning process of memory 
consolidation into gaussian like catagories.  In other words the mind is
working on its mental hard drive if you have every used Norton's you
know what I mean.  Ron Blue

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