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: >         My melatonin Home Page now includes a photo of an on-going
: > mouse longevity experiment involving melatonin.  I show a picture of
: > two of the mice, both 14 months old.  One has been treated with melatonin
: > at night (1 mg. dissolved in 1 liter of water); the other has been given
: > plain water.  EVen though the mice are still relatively young, you can
: > see a difference between them.  Thought you might be interested.  I will
: > update the photo as the experiment proceeds.

: Jo:

: How about a live-cam, so we can see the difference in friskiness? :=)

	I would love to do that.  You could also watch me clean their
cages, feed them, change their water.  Very exciting stuff.
	Actually, I may contract with my son, a computer-whiz, to put
a snippet of a video on my homepage.  Now, it wouldn't be live cam, but
you could watch the melatonin mouse run circles around her melatonin-
challenged cage mate.
	cage mate.

	To see the boring still photo, go to http://www.teleport.com/~jor
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