Melatonin-dose for anti-aging

Paul Kronfield geoprobe at neosoft.com
Tue Nov 28 09:34:30 EST 1995

I am 48 and have been taking melatonin for 3 months.  I take 
1.5mg nightly.  I have uninterrupted sleep with frequent vivid 
dreams.  I am noticing significant positive benefits with no 
negatives.  I have not had an arthritis flareup since I started 
and the affected joints seem to feel better.  My blood pressure 
is back to normal and my blood chlorestorol is back down.  I am 
putting on muscle in my workout regimin and have elevated to a 
new level.  I have more energy, and generally feel much better, 
both physically and mentally.

I sent some melatonin to my 74-year old father.  He complained 
of difficulty sleeping and a feeling of heat in his chest.  
Then he saw the 20/20 program and was frightened out of 
continuing taking melatonin.

My guess is the "heat" feeling is a reaction of your thymus 
gland being stimulated by the hormone.  Perhaps your thymus 
was disabled by your disease.  The thymus is very important to 
your immune response.  If this is true, then this "heat" 
feeling should be indicative of the drug's beginning to 
rejuvinate your body.

Maybe Jo Robinson can comment on this.

Paul Kronfield
geoprobe at neosoft.com

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