Melatonin-dose for anti-aging

Gisela Hoschek hoschek at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Mon Nov 27 12:40:41 EST 1995

>        In general, most people are taking far too much melatonin.
> In a recent study, 500 micrograms --0.5 mg. -- was shown to produce peak
>melatonin levels of 610 picgrams on average.  (On the high end, one
>person had blood levels of 900 picograms.  On the low end, another
>person had 300 picograms.) Intl. J. of Pharmaceutics 1995 "Design
>and evaluation of an oral controlled release delivery system ..."

To keep the discussion going I would like to add my experience. I only took
melatonin twice, seeking help to fall asleep. I used a formulation of 2.5
mg melatonin with 500 microgram Vitamin B-6 per tablet, sublingual. My
experience was not pleasant. While on the first occasion sleep finally came
after about 1 hour with a little bit of apnea anxiety and heat flashes, on
the second trial the following night, the side-effects were stronger and
lasted for 5 hours. I now discontinued the medication. I am 55 years old
with a history of Polio and Post-Polio (5 years ago; Polio beeing a brain
infection). I am on no other medication. I may give melatonin another try
next week with one tenth of the above dosage. Anybody care to comment?


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