Melatonin and the Immune System

Mike Davis xdcrlab at quake.net
Sun Nov 26 11:45:54 EST 1995

In article <jennifer-2511952146460001 at rigel14.wco.com>, jennifer at wco.com wrote:

>    Would sleeping on a waterbed (with an electric heating unit under the
> mattress so the person would be separated from the emf by approximately a
> foot of water)  have a negative effect on the production of melatonin?
>  Thanks,
> Jenny
Water does not block emf very well, you need what is refered to as
mu-metal, may be a trade name.  Look in the McMaster-Carr industrial
supply catalog for such material  and wrap your waterbed heater in it if
you are concerned.

BTW, that's quite a thick waterbed you have there. ;-)

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