Melatonin and the Immune System

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jennifer at wco.com wrote:
:    Would sleeping on a waterbed (with an electric heating unit under the
: mattress so the person would be separated from the emf by approximately a
: foot of water)  have a negative effect on the production of melatonin?
:  Thanks,
: Jenny

	No one has tested the effect of sleeping on a waterbed on melatonin
production.  In a soon-to-be-published study, women who slept under
an electric blanket showed a fifty percent reduction in melatonin levels
during certain stages of the menstrual cycle.  [Personal communication.
Bary Wilson, Ph.D]
	IN our book, Reiter and I recommend that people wanting to
reduce their exposure to EMFs yet still sleep on a waterbed purchase
a special insulating pad for the bed.  The heating unit is left on
during the day to maintain the temperature of the water, and then
turned off just before getting into bed.  No EMFs, but a warm body
of water to sleep on.  People living in warm climates find that the
insulating pad alone is enough to keep them comfortable.
	I know of one supplier of these pads -- American Waterbed
Wholesalers.  1-800-992-0373.  
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