Melatonin and the Immune System

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Sun Nov 26 00:46:46 EST 1995

   Would sleeping on a waterbed (with an electric heating unit under the
mattress so the person would be separated from the emf by approximately a
foot of water)  have a negative effect on the production of melatonin?

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> >       All of the appliances that you plug into the wall operate in
> >that frequency.  They differ, however, in the strength of the fields, which
> >are measured in milligauss.  The higher the milligauss, the researchers
> >are speculating, the more probable the negative health effects.
> >Chief offenders are appliances with electric motors (analog clocks, power
> >tools, hair dryers), transformers (those innocent looking black boxes on
> >the end of the power cord), and any electrical device that is in close
> >proximity to your body such as electric blankets, electric shavers, and
> >hair dryers.
> >       Jo

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