Melatonin: Increased Sleep & Aging

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Sat Nov 25 20:56:19 EST 1995

A pharmacist recently suggested that melatonin may increase lifespan=20
while at the same time sedating the people who want more life.  We get=20
longer life but we are only partially conscious.  =20

On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, John Tieber wrote:

> From the most recent (January 1996) issue of Life Extension Magazine (pag=
e 16):
> =B3Scientists who=B9ve conducted melatonin research have emphasized in se=
> new books that healthy people who don=B9t suffer from insomnia _may_ only
> need 500 mcg [1/2 mg] of melatonin per night for optimal antiaging
> benefits.=B2
> Later reference to _The Melatonin Miracle_ suggests that the scientists
> referred to are Walter Pierpaoli, MD, PhD; and William Regelson, MD.
> This is the first mention I=B9ve seen that 1/2 mg per night might be opti=
> for anti-aging. Per this, Life Extension Foundation now offers a 500 mcg
> size (6 month+ supply:$14).
> I don=B9t have trouble sleeping, and would rather spend about $25 per yea=
> for my 99.9% purity melatonin than what I=B9m spending now.
> Can anyone contradict the claim that 500 mcg per night is optimal for
> anti-aging purposes? If not, I guess I=B9ll have to buy the book, hopeful=
> using some of the money I will then save by reducing my melatonin
> purchases.

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