Melatonin and the Immune System

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>: >fields on melatonin production in humans. THere is growing evidence that
>: > EMFs in the 50-60
>: >hertz zone depress melatonin levels.
>: Just wondering..what types of waves does that correspond with..Tv/Radio?
>: Computer monitors?

>	All of the appliances that you plug into the wall operate in
>that frequency.  They differ, however, in the strength of the fields, which
>are measured in milligauss.  The higher the milligauss, the researchers
>are speculating, the more probable the negative health effects.
>Chief offenders are appliances with electric motors (analog clocks, power
>tools, hair dryers), transformers (those innocent looking black boxes on
>the end of the power cord), and any electrical device that is in close
>proximity to your body such as electric blankets, electric shavers, and
>hair dryers.
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Hello Jo and others:
There is also a "growing body of evidence" that power line frequency
emf's don't do any thing (Frontline June 95) . Most of the work that
shows correlation between emf's and any negative health effects cannot
be duplicated. I am really against repeating "chicken little" science
reports until they are confirmed. I am all for erring on the side of
caution but this one when looked at objectively seems very weak. 
My comments are out of place in a discussion on melatonin, I know, but
the "growing body of evidence" needs to be challanged. 
BTWI very much appreciate and admire your well researched comments on
And no I don't work for the electric company. 
I apologize if my comments offend any one. I don't mean to.

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