Antioxidant Recipe?

Jo Robinson jor at teleport.com
Thu Nov 23 13:16:33 EST 1995

DocCLIPPER (docclipper at aol.com) wrote:
:    Here is a question that has been on my mind for a long time.  We have
: in front of us a collection of antioxidant chemicals.  Each one has
: different properties, rxn site, fat solubilities, half lifes,  and cell
: penetration.  Now how do I combine them,  what dose,  and at what 24 hour
: dosing scheme.  Has anybody addressed this issue.  I personally take alot
: of stuff.   Is it working and how can I optimize the intake.      Peter

	I can shed a small amount of light on the subject.  Antioxidants
have a synergistic relationship.  When vitamin E loses an electron in its
selfless crusade to rid the body of free radicals, vitamin C comes along
and magnanimously restores E's complement of electrons with one of its
own.  Vitamin C, in turn, regains its electron from endogenous antioxidants.
	Taking vitamins C and E together has been shown to allow E to
remain active for a longer period of time in the brain, increasing its
neuroprotective properties.  Similarly, melatonin and vitamin E have 
a synergistic relationship.  It is possible that vitamin E restores
melatonin's missing electron once it has donated one to a free radical.  It
makes sense, therefore, to take your antioxidant vitamins at the same meal,
or better yet, to divide them into equal doses and take them at each meal.
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