Melatonin and the Immune System

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: >fields on melatonin production in humans. THere is growing evidence that
: > EMFs in the 50-60
: >hertz zone depress melatonin levels.
: Just wondering..what types of waves does that correspond with..Tv/Radio?
: Computer monitors?

	All of the appliances that you plug into the wall operate in
that frequency.  They differ, however, in the strength of the fields, which
are measured in milligauss.  The higher the milligauss, the researchers
are speculating, the more probable the negative health effects.
Chief offenders are appliances with electric motors (analog clocks, power
tools, hair dryers), transformers (those innocent looking black boxes on
the end of the power cord), and any electrical device that is in close
proximity to your body such as electric blankets, electric shavers, and
hair dryers.

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