The immortal are living among us NOW! (fwd)

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If you have any information on the 'immortals' in India, I would very 
much like to hear from you.  Deepak Chopra refers to 170 year olds in 
Russia. Others have referred to the similar groups that you mention but 
so far the only thing I've gotten is hearsay.  Any source would be 


On Tue, 21 Nov 1995, Rick Scott wrote:

> From the heading, I thought you were referring to the legendary (?) immortals
> living in India, those who periodically (every 20 years or so) achieve a com-
> plete rejuvenation using herbs and advanced meditative techniques.
> Rick
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> >Don & friends-
> >I don't want to wade into the middle of this debate, but the oldest living
> >plants in the US are not the bristlecone pines, as once thought, but creosote
> >bushes.  The oldest one, called the "King Clone" is in the California desert.
> >It survives by literally cloning itself into other plants which are genetically
> >identical.  I don't see any moral in this story except that science is
> >continually making new discoveries which causes it to reconsider its paradigms
> >(cf The Structure of Scientific Revolutions).
> >Steven Slap
> >

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