Melatonin and the Immune System

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> Does melatonin oscillate in any of the electro magnetic field with
> any unsual strength?
>  21 hertz, 33.5 hertz, 46 hertz, or 71 hertz.
>  A Soviet research reported that mice's immune system was
> turned off at 21 hertz exposure to emf.  The Soviet's power system is on 50
> hertz so I went with harmonics also.  The effect disappeared if you deviated
> beyond .5 hertz of the main emf.
> As a guess the effect could be due to transport in the microtubules.
	Interesting -- we devote an entire chapter of our book to the
effects of EMFs on melatonin production and function.  The pineal 
is sensitive to geomagnetic fields and aids in animal migration.  Alas,
it also responds to artificial energy fields -- especially those in
the geomagnetic range.>
	THe human pineal gland also responds to geomagnetic fields. A 
German researcher (Dubbels) was measuring nightly melatonin levels in
a group of people stationed in Antarctica.   One night there was
a particularly intense solar storm.  The men experienced a three-fold
change in melatonin levels.
	[Advances in Pineal Research, vol 7, ed. R.J. Reiter. John
Libby and Co. 1994; pp. 27-33.]
	Now researchers are exploring the effects of artificial energy
fields on melatonin production in humans. THere is growing evidence that
 EMFs in the 50-60
hertz zone depress melatonin levels.
	Also, EMFS may interfere with melatonin's proven oncostatic
properties.  The growth rate of Human breast cancer cells incubated in a 
physiological concentration of melatonin is inhibited by as much as
70%.  However, when the cells are exposed to a mere 12 milligauss
field, their growth is not inhibited.  Thus, EMFs may do more than
alter melatonin production - they may interfere with melatonin's actions
as well.
	[Liburdy, R. "ELF magnetic fields, breast cancer, and melatonin"
J. of Pineal Research 1993; 14:89-97.
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