Aging: Inactive List?

Angelo Schouten d_quale at dds.nl
Fri Nov 17 10:29:07 EST 1995

In article <tillno-1311951501180001 at adi005.adi.co.nz>, 
tillno at bifrost.otago.ac.nz says...

>The real issue is one of self-preservation. I have enough faith in the
>power of human stupidity to suspect that, if someone came along tomorrow
>and waved a readily manufacturable recipe for significantly extending the
>human lifespan in people's faces somebody'd probably kill him, and pretend
>that his discivery/invention was crap.

>Wizard's First Rule: people are stupid. 

>Apart from that, I share your sentiments about getting these things done
>in our life-time!

Hey Till, surprises me finding you here. Tell you something else, I agree with 
you. Hmm the first time publicly, we are writing history :-)


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