Franklin V. Cobos II FCOBOS at utcvm.utc.edu
Fri Nov 17 07:56:47 EST 1995

In article <Pine.OSF.3.91.951112233701.5202C-100000 at gaston.tenet.edu>
dashley at TENET.EDU (Don Ashley) writes:
>Would like to see brief list of pro's and con's about melatonin.
>On 9 Nov 1995, Jo Robinson wrote:
>>       Is this group interested in an in depth discussion of the
>> science (not the sensationalism) of melatonin?  I have over 1200
>> scientific articles about melatonin in my home library and would
>> enter in such a discussion if the interest is there.
>>       Jo
Well I for one would really enjoy hearing some good, solid research
evidence as to the properties and action of melatonin
      fcobos at utcvm.utc.edu

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