melatonin (posting problem)

Jean Jean
Thu Nov 16 17:36:55 EST 1995

"(..) what is most remarkable is that it now appears that melatonin
is the most potent and universal antioxidant known"

"Melatonin is the most potent hormone known,in that it has effects
in the picogram range. This is also why it was so late to come to 
researchers attention.  Until the 1980s it was impossible to
measure with accuracy the amount of melatonin in the bloodstream."

                                  Jo Robinson

It is a  fact that melatonin is a potent  antioxidant, but what 
is the importance of this hormone as an antioxidant when you 
compare it whit other antioxidant molecules that are in greather
aboundance ?

Jean Charles Dussault

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