Melatonin and Aging

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Mon Nov 13 14:42:46 EST 1995

Jo Robinson <jor at teleport.com> writes:
>	First, my credentials.  Im a medical writer who has
>	 spent the past three years researching melatonin in the process
>of writing a book on the subject for the general public.  My coauthor
>is Russel J. Reiter, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroendocriniology at the U.of 
>Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, widely regarded as an
>international authority on melatonin.  (Check him out on Medline or
>in Scientific Citations.)
I am wondering if your book addresses this concern.  Taking melatonin
supplements clearly has a benefitial effect on some people.  But is it
possible that these supplements suppress the normal function of the
pineal gland?
In other words, is it possible that by taking melatonin, you make your
pineal gland produce less melatonin on its own?  If so, the long term
effect may be negative.
I am just curious.

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