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Fri Nov 10 22:02:31 EST 1995

   Pycnogenol, a natural food supplement made from ingredients from the 
pine bark tree, has some extraordinary antioxidant properties of a 
complex combination of bioflavonoids. Pycnogenol has an exceptionally 
high level of proanthocyanidins, its main ingredient, and it also 
contains other water soluble bioflavonoids. This unique combination 
provides a powerful, completely balanced all-natural antioxidant.
   According to recent studies, a growing number of experts agree that 
we need additional antioxidants to support our natural ability to fight 
free radicals. A free radical is an oxygen molecule with an odd number 
of electrons. Because electrons are normally paired, this creates an 
imbalance, resulting in unstable, reactive and destructive molecules.
   While some free radical activity is necessary for the proper 
functioning of the body, too much may cause damage. Unfortunately, many 
of today's environmental influences bombard us with free radicals and 
possibly suppress our natural ability to hold them in check. 
Fortunately, research has identified substances known as bioflavonoids 
(especially proanthocyanidins) as an excellent source to help fight free 
   Although some bioflavonoids occur naturally in fruits and vegetables, 
only 20% of Americans eat the recommended daily serving of these foods. 
The lack of dietary intake is compounded by the fact that growing 
methods and processing procedures actually deplete and even destroy 
these naturally occurring antioxidants.
   Pynogenol is an excellent source of antioxidant supplementation. It 
is water soluble and exceptionally high in proanthocyanids and other 
bioflavonoids. These unique qualities provide a superior natural 
antioxidant that is easily absorbed.
   One of the best sources of pycnogenol is Maritime Prime, made from 
the bark of maritime pine bark.
   To learn more about pycnogenol, send for a free tape and listen to 
two doctors talk about this natural food supplement. Send name and 
address to bigduster at aol.com or on the Net duster.usa.net

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