Aging: Inactive List?

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Tue Nov 7 04:52:27 EST 1995

This used to be a very active list (ageing at net.bio.net).  I was w/o access
to the internet this summer and when I got back home it had dried up. 

I just figured the contributors had discovered the secrets to longevity 
and decided to keep mum about it until they could protect their 

There's hundreds of billions of dollars at stake here.

Then, again, what if you and a small group of you friends found physical 
immortality?  Would you go out and try to convert a world of skeptics?

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Paul Boduch (ES 1997) wrote:

> 	Yes, this is a very interesting topic. Too bad this group seems 
> to be rather dead judging by the number of posts.

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