Free Radicals, more constraints

Mike Davis xdcrlab at quake.net
Tue Jan 31 22:41:51 EST 1995

I have also been looking at radical chemistry lately, a curious sometimes
paradoxical seeming subject.

It appears that the radicals can react with themselves and other radicals
to quench themselves.  I have been looking at the reductant properties of
H2O2 lately and it seems capable of reacting with atomic oxygen:

  O** & H2O2 >> H2O & O2,                                   Eo = +.126V

and with hydroxyl radical:

 2 OH* & H2O2 >> 2 H2O & O2           sorry I do not have the OH* half reaction

Perhaps ways to recycle oxygen.

I have wondered about the effect of supplemental antioxidants on the
levels of antioxidant enzymes, I would think they might drop due to
feedback inhibition of some sort.

Low cost arginine(amino pentaguanidic acid) is available stateside.  I
will email a source to those requesting.

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