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Dear Sir or Lady:
I am sure you appaud our initiative in establishing the "Institute
for Ecological Genetics & Amazonian Biodiversity" in Colombia.No 
doubt it is extremely important  that studies on biodiversity at all
levels are undertaken by Amazonian Basin's countries that hold the world's
species richness. 
The study of biodiversity encompasses a wide range of biological pheno
mena, including the origin and phyletic
history of taxa, adaptation and change within populations, and 
differentiation of communities and ecosystems. However, levels of 
diversity for many important group of organisms, habitats, and ecosystems
are unknown, and the mechanisms that drive  and maintain biodiversity 
remain obscure. The global environment is facing unprecedented change, inclu
ding the elimination of entire ecosystems and the extinction of many 
species. It is vital that we understand this essential property of life 
as the world grappels with global and local change on such a grand scale 
and rate.
Our Institute will provide the focus for Amazonian studies! Since your 
Department plays a major role in biodiversity teaching,training and 
research in your country you are asked to transmit to us your expertise;
furthermore, you are requested to help us search for international funds 
as well to make this joint research and teaching venture mutually beneficial.
Please answer this e-mail to
Professor H.F.Hoenigsberg
Director, Institute for Ecological Genetics & Amazonian Biodiversity
Cra. 4 # 71-69 ap. 203
If you are interested in a research post write to the above address also.
Yours Sincerely,
Professor H.F.Hoenigsberg

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