Alzheimer's Disease: A Treatment Strategy

Lou Pagnucco lpagnucco at delphi.com
Sat Jan 28 00:23:03 EST 1995

Kimmo Hatanpaa <hatanpaa at helix> writes:
>I made a search on Nimodipine and AD like you suggested, but I
>couldn't find much. I also don't remember seeing anything on
>Nimodipine at a recent AD meeting in Minneapolis, although I could
>have missed it. My impression is that calcium blockers are not
>effective. Can you give the references you are talking about?
Many of the references on Nimodipine have appeared in proceedings
of recent conferences on treatments for various type of dementias.
If my memory serves me correctly, some papers may have appeared in the
journal, Neurobiology of Aging.  There are clinical studies on the effects
of Nimodipine on the progression of Alzheimers ongoing - I believe that
one is being run by Wayne State Medical School.  I will post the references
to you offline as soon as I get a chance to go through my disorganized
personal library.
Lou Pagnucco (lpagnucco at delphi.com)

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