free radicals do not cause ageing.

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Wed Jan 25 21:14:14 EST 1995

Chris Driver <drierac at deakin.edu.au> writes:
>are involved in reperfusion damage. I would also accept the suggestion that 
>free radicals may have a role in atherosclerosis and inflammation processes. 
>None of these are ageing.
  And a lot mor stuff:  See my review in CRC Handbook of Free Radicals
and Antioxidants, vol 1, 1989.  Hundreds of diseases.  IMHO, the
expression " Free Radical Pahology " is redundant.
   As for atherosclerosis, cancer, etc.  The vast majority of the
people reading this post will die of a free radical-related disease.
   Don't confuse the experimental difficulties and the limitations
of ( e.g., ) antioxidant supplimentation with evidence against
a role for free radiacals in aging.  We may be looking at the wrong
thing.  E.g., antioxidants may not work in mitochondrial radical-induced aging.
After over 25 years of research in this area, I still get
suprised.  Look at PBN-- It seems to derive its antiaging activity
from * production * of a free radical, nitric oxide ( according
Cutlers group at NIH ).
Dr. Dr. Peter Proctor

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