POSTDOC: ERATO Biotimer Project

Alan Engel aengel at netaxs.com
Wed Jan 25 16:15:42 EST 1995

The ERATO Takai Biotimer Project is seeking postdoctoral researchers in 
the fields of molecular biology, neurobiology, developmental biology, 
protein chemistry, cell biology, and enzymology.

This 5-year, $15-million project is headed by Prof. Yoshimi Takai, Osaka 
University Medical School and will research G-proteins and related 
proteins, the genes that code for them, and their functions in search for 
biological timing mechanisms.

All positions are in Japan.

Interested researchers can receive a 1994 ERATO Guide for Prospective 
Researchers by sending me their _mailing_ address.

Alan Engel
ERATO Overseas Representative

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