How to get FAQ for BMA

Barani barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu
Sun Jan 22 04:02:58 EST 1995

 Sometime back someone had raised a question on how to get a FAQ
 for this newsgroup.

 In order to get the AGEING.FAQ, do the following:

 (1) gopher net.bio.net
 (2) pick 10 which is AGEING 
 (3) pick 54 which is AGEING.FAQ and save it by 's'.
 This was the first attempt to write a FAQ for bionet.molbio.ageing.
 It was written by T.Hughes. A creditable effort. 

 If this FAQ does not answer your question that you believe has an 
 answer, pl send it to me. I will try to expand this FAQ; 
 Note that I am not claiming that I have that answer, but I will 
 make efforts to get an answer!

 If you do not have access to gopher (like most of those not in
 internet), pl send your email address to me and I can forward you
 a copy of the FAQ.


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