free radicals

Floyd_-_Meyer at cup.portal.com Floyd_-_Meyer at cup.portal.com
Sat Jan 21 05:20:10 EST 1995

    The free radicals (as I understand them) are electrical neutral
chemically active atoms or molecules. This results
from there being one or two electrons in the outer shell. This 
causes problems with the cells.

    now the evolution/creation people are talking about the flood 
comming from a layer of water vapor around the earth, probably ice
crystals since it is cold at high altitudes.

    This may have effected the electrical charge of the earth's crust.

    My question: has anyone tried raising animals in an electrically 
charged environment of a nature that would offset the chemical affinity
by the repulsion of like electrical charges? This would be simular to
the "Mouse House" experiment where mice were raised in a strong 
magnetic field.


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