Brian A. Hollander afn08460 at FREENET.UFL.EDU
Fri Jan 20 02:29:36 EST 1995

On 19 Jan 1995, Dr.S.Baranidharan wrote:

>   I am following this article by 4 more. Each one of them
>   is my literature survey for 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993
>   using the following keywords:
......stuff clipped out....
>   For those of you who would like to encourage me for my time
>   and effort and struggle to live in a credit limit of 500 
>   dollars, and inspire me to post the literature for the previous as  
>   well as future years, my address is below to show your generosity:
>   Baranidharan S,
>   B-146 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences
>   Purdue University
>   W.Lafayette IN 47907-1392 USA.
This seems to me to violate the commercial advertising ban that is 
supposed to be in force in this newsgroup.  Current Contents doesn't 
advertise here, why should this person be allowed to ask for 
contributions. Do others agree or is this sort of message "in bounds"?

Brian Hollander  

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