Dr.S.Baranidharan barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu
Fri Jan 20 09:39:53 EST 1995

  I have posted before this article 4 others. Each one of them
  is my literature survey for 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993
  using the following keywords:

  senescence, aging/ageing, werner's, fibroplast, mtDNA,
  oxidation and ageing, DNA damage, deletion and ageing...

  The articles are posted ready for processing in latex.
  I have compiled them using latex and found them to be
  ok except for a couple of sentences overshooting the
  printed line by a few pts. The files can be converted 
  to postscript easily.  If you can't, and need the postscript 
  versions separately, pl send your request to

  barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu.

  The total number of pages when you print will be around 112.
  The total number of references given is 214. A few of the
  references may not have their abstracts for some trivial
  reasons. In case you do not need the latex version, you can
  easily edit the files, since I have only used minimum needed
  design for latex.

  I have also collected the literature for the period 1985-1989 
  and I will type them in someday and post them.  

  The survey for 1994 is not over yet, sorry.

  Standard disclaimer apply. My university has nothing to
  do with this. No responsibility of whatsoever is taken.
  No guarantee that I have exhausted the literature. If you
  believe that I have missed something, pl send me that article
  reference (and Please if possible include the abstract!) for me 
  to update.

  For those of you who would like to encourage me for my time
  and effort and struggle to live in a credit limit of 500 
  dollars, and inspire me to post the literature for the previous as  

  Baranidharan S,
  B-146 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences
  Purdue University
  W.Lafayette IN 47907-1392 USA.

  I like getting snail mails.
  ps: this is a rephrased posting to remove misgivings 

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