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Robert Luly luly at netcom.com
Fri Jan 20 11:49:09 EST 1995

Dr.S.Baranidharan (barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu) wrote:

: >This seems to me to violate the commercial advertising ban that is 
: >supposed to be in force in this newsgroup.  Current Contents doesn't 
: >advertise here, why should this person be allowed to ask for 
: >contributions. Do others agree or is this sort of message "in bounds"?
: >
: >Brian Hollander  

:  Well, Nobody asked for your money. It is foolish to compare my
:  efforts with commercial ads where they expect money for their
:  product. I do not expect any for my efforts. It would have been
:  nice to receive a few words of encouragement. Get a life. 

:  S.Baranidharan
I for one thank you for the reading list. I know how difficult it is to 
find good information. Sometimes I feel like I am thirsty and I am trying 
to get a drink from a fire hose :)
R. Luly

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