Ref: Human lifespan enquiry

Jason Taylor theoblit at wam.umd.edu
Wed Jan 18 02:35:09 EST 1995

rattan at kemi.aau.dk wrote:
: About somebody's query about human lifespan of 120:
: The upper age limit of 120 is not derived from any scientific calculations.
: Instead, it is in the Old Testament where it is said that 120 years is the max
: lifespan for humans. Furthermore, until today the longest living humanbeing
: is a French lady who will become 120 on February 21, 1995. Previous records

Wow.  This is off the basic topic of the group, but this makes me
wonder.  I mean, the Old Testament was written a long time ago, back
when the average lifespan was pretty short.  Given that the oldest
age obtained so far is 119.9, it sounds to me like either the author
knew a heck of a lot or was a damn good guesser!
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