references on p53

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Mon Jan 16 11:37:50 EST 1995

     Some recent references to DNA repair and p53 molecule:

 (1) G.Marius Clore, James G.Omichinski, Kazuyasu Sakaguchi,
     Nicola Zambrano, Hiroshi Sakamoto, Ettore Appella,
     Angela M.Gronenborn

     High Resolution Structure of the oligomerization domain p53 by
     multidimensional NMR

     Science  1994, V.256, p386-391.

 (2) Heiko Hermeking and Dirk Eick
     Mediation of c-Myc-Induced Apoptosis by p53

     Science 1994 V.265  p2091-93.

 (3) Y.Cho, S.Gorina, P.D.Jeffrey, N.P.Pavletich 

     Crystal Structure of a p53 Tumor Suppressor-DNA complex:
     Understanding Tumorigenic Mutations

     Science 1994 V.265, p346-355.

 (4) Jean Marx

     New Link Found between p53 and DNa repair  (Research News)

     Science 1994, V.265, p1321-1322.
 (5) Martin L.Smith, I.-Tsuen Chen, Qimin Zhan, Insoo Bae, Chaw-Yuan Chen,
     Tona m.Gilmer, Michael B.Kastan, Patrick M.O'Connor, Albert J.Fornace

     Interaction of the p53-regulated protein Gadd45 with proliferating
     Cell nuclear antigen

     Science 1994 V.266, p1376-1379.

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