Human lifespan

rattan at kemi.aau.dk rattan at kemi.aau.dk
Mon Jan 16 04:56:38 EST 1995

The problem with Shigachiu Izumi's lifespan record is that certain doubts
were raised by some American and Japanese doctors during the Gerontological
Society of America's meeting in New Orleans in November 1993 that the data
for Shigachiu Izumi was not reliable. The reason given was that there was a
mixup of 7 yeas for two brothers and the first one died at the age of 113, but
somehow when 7 years later his younger brother died, those years were added
to the elder one. I dont know how exactly they found it out, but I was
able to hear only this much information in the second half of the session on
human longevity in which Madame Jaeanne's doctors were showing her video film

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