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In article <3f178i$gtf at hermes.oc.com>, hoss at hpsccs.oc.com (Chris Hoss) writes:
>Has there been research in this area?  This may be very helpful with the
>Alzheimer's disease.  I know someone who has been on Lithium for over
>15 years, and his memory is much better than mine.  He can go back over
>30 years and tell me very detailed information.
>And it makes sense, too, as LITHIUM is a salt that helps neutrons in the
>brain 'fire' electrically.  Little is known and it is used for treatment
>of the 'bipolar' or 'maniac depressive' disorder.
>But helping the neutrons in the brain fire better may help overcome the
>blocking effect of the chemical that 'creates the forgetfulness' of
>alzheimer's disease.
>Maybe someone should investigate if there is any potential benefits.
>I know that there is work on isolating the chemical cause of Alzheimer's
>and then working on a cure.
>Just my two cents worth.
>Christopher Michael Hoss
>OpenConnect Systems, Inc
Interesting idea.  But I prefer coffee.  Alzheimer's victims do not release
the same amount of neurotransmitters to coffee as normals.
I would be willing to bet that future Alzheimer's victims do not drink
coffee since they do not get the high that I get from coffee.
Ron Blue

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