Ref: Human lifespan enquiry

rattan at kemi.aau.dk rattan at kemi.aau.dk
Fri Jan 13 06:26:44 EST 1995

About somebody's query about human lifespan of 120:
The upper age limit of 120 is not derived from any scientific calculations.
Instead, it is in the Old Testament where it is said that 120 years is the max
lifespan for humans. Furthermore, until today the longest living humanbeing
is a French lady who will become 120 on February 21, 1995. Previous records
in Guiness books are now seriously doubted.
By the way, different cultures have different lifespan limits, for example
Hindu vedas say a limit of 100 years which can be, however, extended upto
300 years using special nutritional and herbal recipies.

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